Amore, “Love” Card

February 2, 2010


Analysis of symbols in the image

Ok now starting with the one foot because that is what my attention was drawn to, keep in mind that the feet are bare, without shoes. Ok numbers mean that your logical mind is working hard, to understand or solve a challenge in your life. Feet represent the way you put yourself out “step out” into the world, make progress among other people, accomplish things in the world. Number one indicates solitary or independent. Bare foot indicates feeling exposed, vulnerable, or unprotected, or choosing to be vulnerable with others. All of this tells me or indicates that the person is independent, the red blindfold like cloth partially covering the chain and vase indicates to me that the person is stimulated to action, indicated by the red, This person does not like to sit and wait for what they want, doing so would limit them No this is a card of action and taking action for what you want. Clouds represent dreams, a goal(something you want) and shooting an arrow represents progress toward a goal, or what you want, The number 6 represents something that has been started but need more work before it is finished. This tells be that the person is working toward a goal, that they are in the process, actively seeking to achieve something or get what they want.


As a person this card denotes someone who is independent., there is a vulnerability to them It represents someone who does not like to sit and wait for what they want, In doing so, they feel limited. No this is a card of action and taking action. This card might represent someone who has impulse control problems.


This is a card of action, it denotes that something has been started but more work needs to be done before that something is finished. This could be anything that you want or are striving for. What ever it is, (should be known by the other cards) it is in progress.

This is just my opinion, interpretation. Yours may differ slightly or completely as no two people read cards the same way. I hope this information has been helpful.